Your Moderators:
Andrew Clearwater
Andrew is a lawyer at Binary Legal, LLC, and an Adjunct Professor at the Center for Law and Innovation at the University of Maine School of Law in Portland. His expertise is in the area of global law and technology with a concentration in intellectual property and information technology.
Joni Doherty
Joni is Director of the New England Center for Civic Life at Franklin Pierce University. She also regularly works with the Kettering Foundation and the National Issue Forums Institute on research projects involving deliberative democractic theory and practice

Ground Rules

  1. This is a dialogue, not a debate.
  2. Maintain an open and civil atmosphere. Disagree respectfully.
  3. Examine your own assumptions as well as the assumptions of others.
  4. Try to identify the benefits and drawbacks of each option.
  5. Speak from your own direct experience, not heresay.
  6. Our goal is to move to a greater mutual understanding of the issue.